Misty Valley Farm

Misty-Valley Farm – more than a farmland, it’s a promise. A promise of whispered secrets carried in the leaves, a promise of mornings echoing with nature’s symphony, a promise of a heritage etched in timeless green.

Contact for the best price: +91 9964999160

Farm Plot Sizes: 0.25 Acre; 0.5 Acre; 1 Acre

Unlike a regular farmland that see on your long drives, you will own tomorrow a green-land which will be seated at a place overlooking the North Cauvery Forest Reserve. You might want to read that phrase three times more….and then MORE. Because it’s a RESERVE forest which will remained un-touched by people till the time of your children and their children and then theirs.

How many people you know own a land which allows them to wake up in the morning and can walk outside their door to
have a view of a whole reserve forest! Yes, NONE! The “The One Acre Farms” has sold many farm-lands to it’s smart and nature loving customers, but this is the first time we have a project which we wish that we can keep for ourselves. It’s so beautiful that you might want to come look it up for yourself!

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