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We are pioneers in Agro-realty providing customised farm land in Bangalore to suit your requirement and budget with an option to manage the farmland for you.

7 Mandate Checks Before To Buy Farmland

We understand the challenges that buyers of farmland face to invest their hard earned money and we promise to fulfil the 7 mandate checks before we buy the best managed farmland near bangalore for you:

  • Accessibility from Bengaluru
  • Clear legal titles
  • Development and Safety
  • Abundant Natural resources
  • Return on investment
  • Hassle free Managed farms
  • Nature living with family


Ongoing Projects

Lakeview Farms

Vasudha Kalpatharu

Sangam Farm

Farm Land for Sale in Hosur

Sanjeevani Farm

Misty Valley Farm


Kamyaka Woods

Shivalik Hills

About Us

We have been investing in farmlands for over 10 years and understand the benefits of having this asset class in a modern and diversified portfolio. Meet our experts who specialize in Developing, selling and managing high-quality farmland with an experienced approach and personal attention to ensure all the requisites are met as we provide managed farmlands with a privileged environment and a spectacular view.

Whether you are looking to invest in farmland for farming or as an investment, let our team of passionate experts provide the insight you need to make the right choices for your farmland portfolio for a greener tomorrow.

At Anugraha Farms we believe in building strong farm communities that can fully sustain the developing needs and demands of our future. We plan to bring farmlands near Bangalore to those who love nature and the company of like-minded people.

You can be rest assured to get access to all the farm needs right from plantations, farmhouse construction, skilled manpower, Gated Communities, farming banks, suppliers, and nurseries, and can be plugged into the activities that are happening in the farm community.

We encourage Natural Farming Principles and adhere to sustainable living as the core value. Hope that you and your family will have a wonderful time living in our communities.

Vasudha kalpataru

Create Memories That Last a Lifetime at Vasudha Kalpataru!


What People Say
About Us

Just Wonderful. I went there to have a look at the property on a friend's suggestion. Well, every bit of the place, starting fron the main gate is beautiful and serene. So many trees of all kinds all around. A beautiful road bordered by trees. I couldn't take off my eyes from that sight. A very good scenery around. A lot of flower gardens on the way to reach the place.
Krishna Chaitanya
Life Science Professional
It has teakwood’s which are well over 40 feet each. There are fruit bearing trees and a cafeteria coming up. A swimming pool is almost ready and it is a very pleasant place to be for nature lovers and for everyone else.
Business Man
It is great place to build second home to escape city chaos and reconnect with nature. Amenities and experiences are created away in beautiful and serene lush green surroundings.
SR Manager, MNC

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