Sanjeevani Farm

Sanjeevani Farms is not just about farmland; it’s about a lifestyle. We offer a haven for those seeking to escape the urban chaos and embrace a simpler, more fulfilling way of life.

Contact for the best price: +91 9964999160

Farm Plot Sizes: 0.25 Acre; 0.5 Acre; 1 Acre

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Category: Agricultural Lands For Sale

Description: Explore the enchanting allure of farm land for sale in Hosur at Sanjeevani Farms, where 20 acres of meticulously managed Sanjeevani Concept farmlands await you with lifestyle amenities just 60 mins from bangalore – South Bangalore.

Sanjeevani Farms offers the perfect opportunity for an investment of a lifetime or a luxury vacation home to spend quality time with your loved ones. So, come down for a site tour to avail Special Spot Booking Offers & invest in nature with Sanjeevani farms.

Call: +91 9964999160

Address: Hosur

Listed On: 07/12/2017

Extent of Land: 20 Acres

Min Investment: Rs. 300 per sq ft

Nearby City: Bangalore

Whether you’re looking for the perfect investment opportunity or a luxurious escape from the city, Sanjeevani Farms has something for everyone.

Come down for a site tour and witness the enchanting allure of our farmlands firsthand. Take advantage of our Special Spot Booking Offers and invest in a future filled with fresh air, organic goodness, and endless possibilities.

Embrace the Sanjeevani way of life. Contact us today!

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