Shivalik Hill

Craving an escape from the urban cacophony? Yearning for a return to nature, where serenity reigns and simplicity thrives? Welcome to Shivalik Hill, your idyllic haven nestled amidst the embrace of lush greenery, just a stone’s throw from Bangalore.

Category: Agricultural Lands For Sale

Description: Welcome to your escape from the noise, crowd, rush, and hustle-bustle of the city. Shivalik Hill is established with the sole aim of providing a comprehensive real estate experience with a refreshing difference. It is a serene oasis where you can buy farmland near Bangalore. A 33-acre farmland property to provide an escape from the urban lifestyle of metro cities and take people back to their roots. With no compromise with the leisure and luxury in terms of amenities.

Call: +91 9840211776 or +91 6362001608

Address: Belalam, Denkanikottai, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Listed On: June, 2022

Extent of Land: 33 Acres

Min Investment: 25 Lakhs onwards

Nearby City: Bangalore

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