Imagine a getaway surrounded by 55 acres of green fields, like a giant park, but prettier! That’s Vaikuntam Farmland, close to Bangalore. It’s like a place where nature and fun meet for a party.

Location: Denkanikottai

Contact for the best price: +91 9964999160

Farm Plot Sizes: 0.25 Acre; 0.5 Acre; 1 Acre

Vaikuntam: Where Luxury Meets Divinity in Nature’s Embrace
Imagine a place where luxury and peace interweave, where modern living blends seamlessly with ancient wisdom. This is Vaikuntam, an architectural marvel created by Anugraha Farms, inspired by the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu.

A Touch of the Divine:

Seven Doors of Welcome: Walk through the seven symbolic gates, each representing a chakra, and enter a space where your soul can find balance.
Nature’s Tapestry: Nestled amidst 55 acres of serene farmland in Binnamangala, Vaikuntam embraces the tranquility of nature, mirroring the beauty of Vaikuntha.


Yoga Deck

Mud cafeteria

Swimming pool

Snooker Table

Barbeque & Bonfire Pit

Community kitchen

Guest House

Kids Play Area


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