Tapovan is more than just a place to live; it’s a vibrant community. Connect with like-minded individuals at the Clubhouse, savor fresh produce directly from your land, and indulge in a plethora of activities designed to nourish your soul.

Ready to rewrite your life story?

Tapovan is not just an investment, it’s an invitation to redefine your well-being. Contact us today and discover the magic of this enchanting sanctuary.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury living and rustic charm amidst 65 acres of fertile farmland for sale near Bangalore at Tapovan. I

Tapovan is an exclusive farm community located in Thally, just 59 km away from the busy streets of Bengaluru. Peppered with meditation zones, zen gardens, yoga spots, and lakeside walkways, Tapovan is crafted to nourish your soul. The perfect place to rest and revitalize with fresh air, fresh produce, and a free spirit. helping you discover your true self.

With sprawling farms near thalli spread across 65 acres of fertile land, Tapovan is a place where simplicity, serenity, and spirituality converge. Amidst fields of mango orchards, timber plantations, a two-acre natural lake, and vegetable gardens, you will find the comforts of a luxury home intertwined with the charming farm life.

The Farm plots with fully constructed luxury homes, built on a 10,000 sq. ft. property. Overlooking the lake and neighboring the Clubhouse, these homes are the epitome of farm living with private orchards.

Call: +91 9840211776 or +91 6362001608

Address: Jowlagiri, Thally, Tamil Nadu. Just one hour drive from south Bengaluru.

Listed On: May, 2022

Extent of Land: 63 Acres

Min Investment: 30 Lakhs onwards

Near by City: Bangalore

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